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Are you guitarist..?
Looking for new guitar..?
there is an easy way to select an appropriate guitar for you. 
* The first is the budget you have. By knowing the budget you have, you can more freely to choose a guitar.
* The second is the character of the sound you want.
sound character that you want of course depends on what kind of music would you play. But if you have just begun to start learning guitar, guitar pick that has the character of the guitar sound that can be flexible to play different types of music.
The things that affect the character of the guitar sound that is:
1. Wood
Some types of wood are often used for the body of the guitar:
- Alder: used extensively for bodies Because of its lighter weight and its full sound. Its closed grain makes this wood easy to finish. Alder's natural color is a light tan with little or no distinct grain lines. It looks good with a sunburst or a solid color finish. The tone is reputed to be most balanced with equal doses of lows, highs and MIDS. Alder has been the MainStay for Fender bodies for many years and its characteristic tone has been a part of some of the most enduring pieces of modern day contemporary music.
- Ash :There are two types of Ash: Northern Hard Ash and Swamp Ash (Southern Soft Ash).
Northern Hard Ash: contributes to a bright tone and a long sustain which makes it very popular. Its color is creamy, but it also tends to have heartwood featuring pink to brown tints. The grain pores are open and it takes a lot of finish to fill them up. Swamp Ash : very musical wood offering a very nice balance of brightness and warmth with a lot of "pop".  The grain is open and the color is creamy. This wood is a very nice choice for clear finishes. Swamp Ash is our second most popular wood. 
- BasswoodSound-wise, Basswood has a nice, growley, warm tone with good mids. A favorite tone wood for shredders in the 80s since its defined sound cuts through a mix well. 
- Mahogany : The tone is warm and full with good sustain.
- Poplar : Sound is similar to Alder
2. Pickup 
there are two kind of pickups, Single Coil and Humbucker.  Single coil produce thin sound and humbucker produce thick sound. 
* Playabilityselect the guitar that you think comfortably in your hand
Good Luck. 

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