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Now is the digital era..., there are many things you can do with your computer. In the world of digital recording, what you need in the real world you can get it virtually, such as musical instrument, sound processor..

Melodyne Studio 3  is  a software that you can use as a plug-in or standalone software which has main function as a pitch corection software. Beside that, Melodyne Studio 3 offer an easy way to create vocal harmony. I'll try to describe how to create vocal harmonies with Melodyne Studio 3.

The process :
1. Open Melodyne Studio 3 ( as Plug-in or Standalone)
2. Load vocal track. ( click file, open, choose vocal audio)
3. Set the "tone scale"appropriate to the vocal melody. ( click window, click tone scale , and select tone scale)
4. Select region to create vocal harmony. ( on PC, hold your left mouse click and drag the region)
5. Select "Scale" (exist on the left bottom screen, there are three option, no pith snap, note snap, and scale snap).
Melodyne Studio 3

6. Hold Alt+Shift+left mouse click and drag vertically, it will create harmony on a new track. (For example,  root of my vocal melody is C, then I drag the C note to the third interval).


7. Now play it. Don't forget to choose play arrangement (on the top right scren).

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